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Bluetooth Remote Control – Awesome Technology

A few years ago I bought a Sony Ericsson w810i and absolutely loved it. A lesser known feature at the time was the bluetooth remote control functionality which allowed you to control your PC via your cell phone. Pointless? Well, not entirely. The people at Sony had built 3 profiles. They were Media Player, Presenter and Desktop. Within these they had setup nominal key bindings for the task in question. This meant that clicking the right button on the phone for example, would click the left mouse button, advancing through a slide show.

I moved voice networks a little while back and was landed with a truly awful phone, more on that in another post. Consequently, just recently I managed to afford another Sony Ericsson, this time, a T715. To my delight, the remote control functionality was still there. After some google searching I came across this little gem of a page.

Armed with this, it seems we can control any application we like, and map certain keys to the cell phones keypad. The real question is, how can we make use of such technology beyond the obvious. There are already bindings for things like Media Players etc. Is there anything else we can use this for? I was toying with the idea of a little voice activated app that would tell me certain information audibly, when I pressed a certain button. New Emails, new IMs….that kind of thing. However it seems just that little bit lame. Anyone got any better ideas?


Change Management at home?

I never thought it would be as bad at home as in some corporate environments, but for the past two weeks I have been fighting with the main user in my house for 15 minutes of downtime on the server to install a third network card. I joked that it felt like I should be filing a Change Management request form.

Today I finally got the opportunity to install the card and so begins my foray into VLANs on Linux. I’m hooking up a WAP with triple SSIDs, which are separated via VLAN tags, to try to a) segregate the network a little better, and b) add a little more robustness to the setup.

Stay tuned to find out how I get on.

A fresh new start

OK, so with GeekDeck, I was trying to achieve something big, I was trying to break all the rules, do something completely different. Only problem was a) it had all been done before and b) I was trying to make it too big too soon, with too few resources. I am eternally grateful to each of the contributors for the time and effort that they put into GeekDeck. Now it’s time for something a little different.

I’ve not blogged properly for a long time and I must say it’s been itching away at me for many an hour of many a day. I love blogging. I love sharing things with communities. I loved my time in the ubuntu community and being aggregated on planet ubuntu gave me a platform on which I could share my ideas and feelings with a large audience.

GeekDeck was my attempt to take this one further, but I made the mistake of biting off far more than I could chew. My friends and contributors did the best they could in providing me with material, but I neglected to take into account their work loads and consequently ended up writing many more articles than I would have liked. I say would have liked, but that’s not quite accurate. I enjoy writing, but I was being pushed to write 7-8 well researched 1,500 – 2,000 word articles a month. It was hard work.

It was only recently that I took a peek at the statistics on GeekDeck, and realised that actually we still have a fair old number of people visiting the site. To that end, I decided to move the focus of GeekDeck. Any of the contributors are free to blog here about things that interest them in the technical/geek world.

So enjoy as we take GeekDeck on a whole new journey 🙂


Welcome to GeekDeck


GeekDeck is a kind of zine/blog that will be updated at regular intervals by a team of authors, bringing you all things Geek.  We aim to have reviews, interviews, programming, culture…..hopefully anything you can shake a stick at. As long as it’s niche 🙂

GD has been started by several peeps who are interested and work in technological fields.  We should be releasing Issues once a month.  You’ll find the layout of the site allows you to browse by Issue or by topic.

So……we hope you enjoy, and will return again soon,

The GeekDeck Team