Super Ambitious Robotics Project

So, a good friend of mine decided to do a robotics project. Not content with _just_ doing a robotics project Paul decided to make things pretty damn complex for himself. The task, as outlined on his blog, is to make a complete, 4 legged, walking robot from scratch in under 24 hours.

I thought the project was pretty damn impressive from the outset, but then I saw more information about how Paul was planning to implement the legs. Not just simple zero joint legs, oh no! That would be far too simple. These leg joints are going to allow the little beast to walk like either a mammal or an insect, depending on how the servos are set up. Highly impressive!

I have to say this is going to be absolutely awesome, especially as all the programming and controlling is going to be carried out using a little Arduino board, not dissimilar from the one I posted up a few weeks ago. Right now Paul is having a few 3D printer issues, that’s right folks, he’s even printing all the parts himself, so why not head on over to his blog and give him a little more encouragement.

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