Git In The Trenches – An update

So after 18 days, over 100 commits and 18,000+ words, Git In The Trenches is really starting to build up into a sizable book. I have only really just scratched the surface and now the sheer scale of the project is being to make itself felt. However, I will not bow to this negative pressure and I will continue to have the same amount of fun writing that I always have done.

Git In The Trenches is a breath of fresh air for me, as it allows me to combine together a little fictional work with technical work, both things I enjoy writing a lot.

I took the work I have done so far and asked the gitolite author, Sitaram Chamarty. As well as some very constructive comments about points in the book, he also had this to say about how GITT is shaping up.

Your writing style for the trenches part is awesome — you have all the makings of a real fiction writer! I particularly loved the bit about the guy who vowed never to eat pizza again — nice touch!

All I can say is that it does look nice so far, and once it is polished up it should be quite useful to newbies, especially in the corporate world.

I’ve also had some other great feedback from people who have read it so far – I know I still have a lot to do, please keep your comments and scenarios coming in. You can fine the project here.

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