Creativity at a low = New Git Book Project

So, I’ve been trying to write more to Alchemy Reigns, but to be honest, it’s just not presenting itself the way I want it to. Maybe the story hasn’t solidified well enough. Anyway, I did decide the other day, that I enjoy using the revision control system GIT, so much, that I would really like to give something back to the community. To that end I am to compile and write a book on the subject.

The aim of the book isn’t to be a definitive guide. It isn’t supposed to be the most elite technical reference either. What I am going to try to do is show how to use git in a practical sense, using real world examples. The aim is to follow a group of developers through their daily lives using a version control system. This way, I intend to come across the same issues and problems that normal everyday people do.

What I would like is for people who read it to identify with the scenarios presented, therefore, when the same situation occurs whilst they are using git, they are not reduced to reading man pages necessarily, or jumping in an IRC channel. Rather, they should be able to go, “ahhh, I remember this exact situation was presented by that fictional group of developers”

To this end, I am asking for anyone that uses git on a regular basis, or even not so regular, to give me some ideas/scenarios that they themselves have faced. Did you have to do something funky in git? Was there more than one way to do what you did? These are the types of questions I want to answer.

So please help me out, anything you can contribute will be acknowledged and appreciated.



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