It’s alive!! – Well almost…

Last night I finished off some of the more complicated parts of Ethestra, like all the quantisation techniques for all the note length, position, velocity and pitch. The pitch area still needs some work, as I’m planning to make it support multiple chords, to do so requires pulling in some data from an old friend of mine called Tigla.

Tigla was an app I tried to write a while back to allow me to play guitar chords on my Nokia N810, and for them to sound realistic. At the heart it was just a sample player, using 6 wav files with offsets for each note, but it was also something else. I had written a fairly sophisticated chord library tool, which could take the name Em, AM, A7, and return a list of allowed notes in that scale. Well, the idea is to reuse that with Ethestra.

Fear not, though, here is the first rendering of Ethestra v0.65. It will be very interesting to see how v0.7 turns out 🙂

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