Listening to my network traffic

I know this is nothing new, and that people have done it before, but I wondered what it would sound like if I hooked up my network interface to my speakers. Not, not quite that low level, but using scapy, an awesome python network toolkit, and python bindings for portmidi, I was able to hook the two up. I then piped the midi to ZynAddSubFx for the audio creation.

Now, I hope you’re not expecting a symphony, cos you ain’t gonna get one. What you do get is a kind of ethereal sound, with a sudden flurry of activity. I apologise for the slight pops and such, I need to tweak audio settings and run it on a faster CPU, but you get the idea. The plinky plonky noise is www data. The low level AAHs that you only hear occasionally are DNS calls.

About 20 seconds into it, you’ll hear some drums kick in, that’s ICMP data there that is. I set a ping going to give a rhythm. It’s all very, spacial and weird. At the moment most of the instruments cycle up a very small arpeggio. One packet turns the note on, another turns it off. It starts at one note, then the next, jumps up, then jumps up again, before going back to the original position.

I would be interested to hear what you think. There is also another instrument in there doing my jabber conversations. Heheheh. Enjoy.

Took about 2 hours from scratch to code and figure out how to use scapy and portmidi. Quite fun. Once the code is in a better state, I’ll probably even post it up.

The file is here

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