LOST Finale : A review from a die hard fan

So, I watched the finale of LOST last night. Did it answer everything? Most certainly not. Did it answer enough to pass as an ending? Probably. It seems to me that the writers decided, as many people have stated, that there simply could not be a logical explanation for everything. Bear it mind that logical, does not have to equal credible. We ended up with a kind of supernatural ending, which in a way I was kind of expecting anyway.

There were so many aspects of the show that were mysterious, so many ‘what the heck’ moments, but in the end, most of these were swept under the carpet and we were left with a rather limp ending, which in all honesty could have been tacked onto the end of each season and still made sense. There was literally no need to introduce the numbers, or time travel or any of the other wacky and weird things which LOST was known for. Of course they enhanced the journey, but that wasn’t the point. The writers seemed to be egging us on, making us think that in the end, all of these totally barmy ideas, would be boiled down into one single “ah-ha” moment.

It was resolutions like “You became a mother”, which Jacob tells us was the reason for Kate’s name being scratched off the wall, which just seemed so simple and yet so right, that made me love the show. Little subtle hints like this seemed abnormally absent. There were no real answers in the finale. When they began to bring in the Daniel Faraday storyline, with the experiments and physics, I became a little more excited. Finally there was a glimmer of hope that the whole premise of the show could be explained in someway with a scientific background.

Alas, none of this was explained. It felt as if the ending could have been applied to the end of any of the seasons and the show would have been completed just fine. It was like a failsafe, seemingly conceived from the beginning, which rendered everything that had happened in between just moot. Things just didn’t matter. The Dhama, didn’t matter. The numbers, didn’t matter, though there were some hints to the origin of these in some extra material. Shoddy work, in my opinion, it would have been much better to include the origins of these numbers in the main show.

Everyone knew there was never going to be a full explanation for everything. We had to take it for granted that the electromagnetic energy had strange effects, (remember the “box” people?), but at least give us something as a parting gift. Something which shows us that everything had a purpose. Something that explained some of the origins that were made so much of during the seasons and faded away into the ether in the finale. From a spiritual point of view, yah, they probably didn’t matter. The journey is what was important, but for all those people who won’t or can’t feel that way about characters, it felt unfair to leave them with nothing more than a bad taste in their mouths at the end of the this 6 year long journey.

Shortly before the end, my wife and I were discussing possible endings and I have to say I think she came up with a much better ending than the one we were given. Though it may have been slightly more predictable, (well we thought of it didn’t we?) it seemed more LOST like. There would ultimately be some sort of struggle at the end, as we saw, but then all the main characters would flee the island, leaving Jack and Locke sitting together on a beach, in much the same way that we saw Jacob and Smokey earlier in the season. It would have been funny also to supplement this with a plane flying overhead/ship wrecking on the rocks, and the pair looking at each other. It would have lent to the cyclic nature of the show which seemed so prevalent.

Overall, the ending was acceptable, but by no means good, or even great. It’s such a shame that the writers didn’t take the opportunity to really go all out on this and give us an ending we’ll never forget (for a good reason). We were quite keen to buy all the seasons on DVD once the finale was over. Now, I don’t think we’ll bother. Disappointing people, very disappointing.

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