Video Games inspiring new tactics

I saw this tweet today by our good friends “Wired”

For years, the sophisticated play of pro teams trickled down to colleges & high schools. Videogames are reversing that.

It piqued my interest and off I clicked to have a look. The article in question was discussing an incident that happened in an American football game, where, in the closing seconds, a player forwent scoring a goal immediately and instead ran across the width of the field. When questioned about his tactic, it was apparently revealed that his time-wasting tactic was learned from a video game. True enough, it’s a tactic that I myself have employed several times.

The article then went on to talk about how athletes today are getting far more training than their predecessors, by using video games instead of real world experience. Apparently it seems to be working, but I couldn’t help but wonder how many other tactics in video games could be useful in the real world.

Would you really see soldiers jumping up and down on the battlefield to avoid getting hit by their enemies? Would we see drivers trying to drive their cars through walls and over jumps to find a shortcut to work?

Don’t get me wrong I love video games, but sometimes you have to wonder if the younger generation is basing too much of their reality on a virtual world.

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