Lamest phone stand in the world – but hey, it works

So in an effort to make the geekdeck recording sessions even easier I figured I’d need some kind of tripod or stand. Instead of shelling out for something in the shops, I went for the more “student” approach. Using two business cards stapled together, and a little bit extra for a cross brace, I fashioned this little stand that sits atop my screen. The best part, it can fold up and fit neatly into my wallet. It is a business card after all.

Simply, cut two business cards as shown, making sure the gaps are the right widths for your phone and screen, staple them at the points indicated and fold them. Finally make another piece, approximately 2.5 cm and cut two slits in it, to attach into the slots in the construction.

There ya go 🙂

Edit: It’s surprisingly stable

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