Blogging, feedback and the new video show

I often wondered what it would be like to run a blog without the huge backing and publication that I used to enjoy from planet Ubuntu. It certainly feels different. It feels like I’m talking to a much more direct audience, talking to people who I hope want to be reading this blog. Though some of my posts on my blog on planet Ubuntu used to rake in a large number of views, it’s much nicer now to know that the people reading the geekdeck blog have come here of their own accord.

It seems to have given me more confidence to write again too. As I said, previous energies were drained in the great book writing of 09 🙂 But now I feel ready to blog again. You should start to see more technical posts from me, instead of these ramblings, but I hope you still enjoy it nonetheless.

The video project has a name now, codenamed ‘geekdeck mini’. I am trying desperately to get the intro video together. I only want it to be 10 seconds maximum, just really short, but it’s hard. Video creation isn’t my strong point. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

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