Review : Lowepro CompuDaypack

peteA while ago my backpack broke. When I say broke, I mean literally in several places. I’d used it for a good few years and it’s straps were torn and the insides disgustingly mucky and decrepit. It had gotten to the point that I was actually pretty embarrassed to have it on my persons. Deciding that towing it 3 metres behind me in a trailer wasn’t going to do anything to improve my image, I resolved that I should buy a new backpack, but what to buy?

There are so many to choose from and knowing what will fit the bill is often very confusing. My criteria were as follows, obviously it needed to carry a laptop, a plethora of cables, as well as flash cards, memory sticks, my n810, CDs, and goodness knows what else. This is my hack bag, I take it to work every day and it contains everything I may need for many eventualities. Yes, I travel heavy, but to be honest, I’d rather be prepared than not, any day.

P1011968So where to put it all. The broken backpack was literally just a simple computer rucksack. A compartment for the laptop and another for general bits. Not very organised. So I was looking for some thing that would allow me to compartmentalise things a little better. I also wanted it to be as waterproof as possible, whilst still retaining some form of style. It was then that someone pointed me towards the Lowepro CompuDaypack. I have to admit I was a little skeptical, but apparently it had saved someone else’s laptop from a shower of beer. Interesting. So I started reading some reviews online and happy with those I purchased one. Want to know more? Read on my backpacking friend.

The CompuDaypack is designed really for a photographer. It’s large enough for plenty of gear, without being totally over the top. There is a large compartment at the bottom which would normally be used for holding lenses and camera bodies. It has Velcro fabric pieces for compartmentalisation of equipment as you see fit. To be honest, I just set up the default configuration and split it into six equal pieces. This is where I coil up leads and keep them separated, VGA, network, USB, audio, misc and one for connectors and power adapters. It holds the cables well and is a really nice way of organising them.

P1011973The laptop section at the back is fairly large taking up to around 15″ laptops and keeping them well padded. There is also a document type wallet in this compartment also. I’ve found this section also useful for carrying a Wii around, with both controllers and the stand in this rear section. Don’t even think of trying to fit a PS3 in there though 🙂 Adjoining this compartment is the front section, sitting above the cable section and in front of the laptop section. This has a surprisingly large capacity, but also sports some nice little pockets and places for pens and the like. In this section I usually place the USB sticks and flash drives in the little pockets, a few converters in the pen holders and the rest of my rubbish in the main section, like CD wallets and a few tools.

The CompuDaypack is really well manufactured and exceedingly comfortable to wear. The back of the bag has a large amount of padding which is also aerated making it really comfortable to have on your back even on hot days. The straps are fully adjustable and employ some really nice padding. One gripe I have, and it’s really the only gripe I have, and that is that the front compartment is the only one without a double zip.

P1011973Even after over 6 months use, the bag could be mistaken for new, apart from…..scratch that……it could be mistaken for brand spanking new. On to the waterproofing and though Lowepro do not claim it is fully waterproof, I walk 15 minutes to work every day and sometimes it rains. Hard. There have been a few occasions where the rain was so hard that I covered the rucksack with a plastic bag to protect it, but even in moderate rain, I’ve never had anything inside get wet. There is a tiny front pocket near the top of the bag, presumably for a media player. On the odd occasion this has been a little damp inside but overall I’ve been very impressed with the water protection this little gem has offered.

Overall, I have nothing bad to say about this rucksack. It’s the most fantastic bag I’ve ever had and easily holds everything I need for the day and more. The construction is impeccable and I would heartily recommend this bag to anyone who is in need of a rugged bag for carry a whole load of stuff. I occasionally hold talks and need to bring mucho gear with me. The ComputDaypack always comes with me, packed to the brim with technological goodness. Well done Lowepro. Well done.


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