Editor’s Letter : We’ve come a long way in a short time

Hi geeks

Well, we’ve made it to issue 3, I know there were some of you out there thinking we couldn’t do it. Go on fess up 🙂 To be honest it’s not been entirely easy, but the team are working so hard to bring you each new issue. This one should be a really good issue, we have a fantastic interview with the OpenCandy CEO, plus a feature on Creating your very own Live CD distro and many more articles covering; undo, geeks and the Internet. We’ve also hopefully got the first GeekDeck podcast coming out in a few days. It’s a musing on many things, covering; Piracy, Marios Moustache, HUDs, Bugs, and much much more.

It’s now though that I need to ask for a little more help from the community. GeekDeck has a great all round view of everything geek, but what I’d really like to do is add a news section. With the crew so pushed for articles already, I’m hoping someone may step up to be the news editor and provide us with a monthly look at a few items that have been making the headlines. I’d really like to cover some of the unveilings at E3, but alas, I hardly have time to finish my own articles each month. So if you’re someone who keeps up with the news, or you know someone who does, please please get in touch and maybe you could be writing for Issue 4.

I also want to ask everyone who reads GeekDeck to get a little more involved. Please comment on articles if you like or dislike them, it’s the only way we can improve as a zine and the only way we can include more of what you want; it is supposed to be a “by geeks, for geeks” kinda thing. I’m thinking of opening up a forum soon to enable a little more discussion to go on, and maybe spawn some more article ideas for future Issues.

As a final note I’d like to point out how much work has gone into GeekDeck so far, it’s hard to believe but we’ve written over 45,000 words in Issues 1, 2 and 3, with that exceeding 250,000 characters. We’ve published 33 articles, and had over 3,700 views (Issues 1+2), all in just 2 months. I’m truly astonished at the amount that we have achieved so early on in our lifetime. If you enjoy GeekDeck, please comment and spread the word. We’d like to expand the zine over the coming months, maybe you could be part of that.

Have fun,


  1. Hi fellow Geeks! I have been following this magazine for the three issues it has been out, i couldnt really say i was a REAL BIG geek myself, but i’m working on it! So all you fellow geeks out there, don’t let the jocks get you down, i havent:We can some day RULE THE WORLD!

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