Editor’s Letter : A little help please

peteHail all Geeks

Hi guys,
It’s with great pleasure that I bring you issue 2 of GeekDeck. I was concerned at how this whole thing was going to work out. Whether I’d be able to fill the magazine with an average of 10 articles each month, but so far, it’s going just fine. We still have much to talk about and there are many ideas for features and interviews boiling away in the backs of our minds, which I hope will fill you all with wonderment for a long time to come.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to all of the contributors. It’s not easy having me on your back for an entire month and I have to say I did give a fairly tight deadline of about 2 weeks for the first issues articles, hence a lot of issue 1 was written by me. I was prudent in storing up a good few articles, just in case I needed them. As I sit here at the train station, three weeks away from the release of issue 2, I already have 2 articles, a sign-off and this letter already in the bag. So I should be ok for issue 2 too.

There are some really great articles coming up, however, what I’d like to do, is ask for a little help from anyone reading this that feels they may have the right skills, or knows someone who may have the right skills. The GeekDeck team is in need of a few things right now. The first is an audio cut and shut shop. We’re considering doing a podcast which would be the main contributors talking about each others articles and giving their views on the previous issue. Several of the contributors are really keen to do this, myself included, but I just don’t have enough time to sit there and cut up the audio, insert funky music etc.

The second thing we’re after is possibly someone to help layout the PDF version. Currently this is done using Scribus. “Woah!” I hear you cry. “That sounds like hard work” Well, actually….No. Granted it does mean I am limited in some respects, but laying it out in Scribus is actually working out really well. This way I can get an idea how things are going to look quickly and without any expensive software. However, if there is anyone out there who is willing to give us a hand in this respect, we’d welcome them with open arms.

Finally, we want to spruce up the GeekDeck website a little. This involves a measly $15 for the wordpress upgrade, but along with that, we need someone who can design us a buttkicking website to work with wordpress. Anyone who feels they are up to the job, send us a portfolio.

So I hope you enjoy Issue 2, it’s been fun writing for it and we always want to hear your comments and feedback, good and bad, it helps us to do better for you.



PS, you can now follow us on twitter, http://twitter.com/geekdeck


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