Review : PhotoShock Canvases

Price : £39.99
Size : 80 x 51cm
Style : Framed
Res : 300 dpi

Pros : Amazing quality, well made, fade resistant for 100 years
Cons : You will just want to keep buying more.

Never before have I been so excited about receiving a piece of art. Now I know what you are thinking, art? ART? This is a magazine about technology and all things geek. Does art really have a place here? Well a) yes of course it does, and b) when you combine Art and Gaming, then most definitely it does.

Recently whilst scanning for presents for my wife for mothers day I came across a canvas on I’d run a generic search for final fantasy, (yes we’re big fans), and stumbled upon something wonderful. The canvas was an 80x51cm framed image of Lightning from the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII game on the PS3, sitting on a sofa and holding what appears to be a very similar to a gunblade from Final Fantasy VIII.

I was really in two minds whether to get it or not, I had no idea about the quality or anything. A few days later I re-visited the site and found amazon had hiked the price. I was not impressed and decided to leave it. I told the missus about it a few days later and she, like me, fell in love with the piece, so we went back to amazon to buy it. Shock Horror, it had gone. We were a little heartbroken…..just a little. We found the manufacturers website, PhotoShock, and found they sold them online, straight from their own shop. Eager to learn more, we emailed the guys at PhotoShock and asked for some details about the printing.

A few days later we received a reply stating that the printing was 300dpi. None too shabby. We just couldn’t hold ourselves back any longer, so we ordered it. I must point out here, that the canvas we ordered was actually in stock. Most are made to order and take around 7 days, according to the PhotoShock website. It was dispatched on the Friday by recorded delivery and arrived late Monday morning. Not bad Royal Mail! Interestingly, PhotoShock will send canvases worldwide, but shipping is free in the UK. Another bonus.

Some canvases are available in both framed and unframed varieties. We chose the framed version which cost around twice the price, but was well worth it. The frames are hand made and we were eager to see what it would be like.

It arrived in a large box, roughly the same size as the canvas itself, but a little larger as expected. Inside, the canvas was first wrapped in brown paper, before being wrapped again in bubble wrap. I was a little concerned to see that the brown paper and bubble wrap were only covereing the front of the framed canvas, but on reflection if something were to pierce the back side of the box, it would have to travel the thickness of the box to hit the canvas. Protecting the front is most important against knocks. If the unthinkable happens and something goes through the box, chances are the canvas will be ruined anyway.

On seeing the canvas for the first time I was thoroughly impressed. The colours are very rich and the detail is fantastic. It helps that the CG image is of good quality to begin with. In fact scratch that, the image is of amazing quality and clarity. PhotoShock state that the printing resolution is 300dpi, which appears to be the case, however I did notice some slight pixelation on a few areas of the image. To be perfectly honest this is something that would never have been noticed unless one was as eagle eyed as myself and spent 15 minutes looking at a canvas in a bright light at about 3cm from my face. In normal viewing conditions, you’d swear she was right there in the room with you.

The frame is very well made, yet exceedingly lightweight, which made hanging it easy, an presumably cut down on shipping costs. The hook bar on the back may have been a mite too far over in one direction, but it hangs straight nonetheless. The canvas is fade resistant for 100 years, which, assuming I don’t suddenly become immortal, means I’ll enjoy it for the rest of my life.

Overall there is really no bad points about it. The canvas and frame were exactly what was described and appear to be finely crafted. The price we paid was £39.99 which included a framed, 80x51cm canvas, including shipping inside the UK. To be honest for the product, I’d call this a steal. I have never wanted a piece of art so badly as I did this.

PhotoShock do a wide variety of gaming, movie and tv canvases, with a few other miscelaneous ones thrown in for good measure. If I won the lottery tomorrow, a good few thousand would probably be spent on a large number of canvases. We have been totally impressed by the canvas and the service we have received from PhotoShock. Maybe they’ll send us another one to review…..oh go on….you know you want to.


  1. April 17th, 2009

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