Editor’s Letter : A brave new start


Dear Geeks,

Welcome to the first issue of GeekDeck, a new zine/blog thingy that I’m hoping will wet your appetite for all things geek.  You may be wondering why GeekDeck was started, why it’s going to be different from every other technological zine/blog thingy out there?  (Note to self, find a better word for zine/blog thingy)  Well, I can’t tell you it’s going to be the best thing since MOSFET transistors, but I can tell you that we intend to do our best to cover as many different areas as possible.

Thinking about it the other day, I decided the main purpose of GeekDeck, was not so much to provide people with interesting articles to read, but more to entice them in to read one article, but at the same time, hopefully, get them to read another article from a completely different section.  The overall plan is to expand peoples geek palettes.  Get them interested in things that they otherwise might never have stumbled upon.

We’re aiming to release an issue every month.  This is where it’s more like a magazine.  However, we’re using a blog to do it.  Hence where it’s more like a blog.  At the moment, the team is 6 man strong.  These guys will form the core of GeekDeck and in time we’ll start opening it up so that anyone can contribute articles to the zine/blog thingy.  (The problem is I just hate the word ezine….ewwghgh, gives me the shivers)

On a slightly different note, we’ve decided to release a PDF version of GeekDeck too. This PDF will look a lot more like a traditional printed magazine. The aim of the dual release is to enable people who like fancy magazines to have the PDF, and people who like like RSS/text based versions to be happy too.

Well, I think I’ve rambled on enough for the first editorial.  I really do hope you enjoy the first issue, and if you do, blog about it, digg it, slashdot it, spread the word, because as you can imagine in the early days, we’ll need all the help we can get.

The GeekDeck Team

  1. As a follower of Planet Ubuntu I was happy to see this link in my RSS reader this afternoon. So far I’m like the shape of this magazine style blog. You’ve got yourself a new subscriber. 🙂

      • cbx33
      • April 14th, 2009

      Thanks Dan,
      Spread the word 🙂
      If you ever feel like submitting an article, we’d love to take a look

    • dave ubuntu
    • April 15th, 2009

    k it’s a great idea and with time it should take off but introducting the common everyday users to the world of complex computing but where is the common everyday user ment to start?

  2. Hey cbx33,

    I like the concept of geekdeck. Keep up the good work!
    Will you release a new episode of Prog8ox anytime? 😉 Loved that ‘show’!


    – brix

    • I loved making the show, but the truth is, it required a lot of continuous time. GeekDeck is much easier to dip in and out of. PB took 3 hours of recording and then 8 hours of editing. I also couldn’t do it on the rubbish laptop I use to write articles on. 🙂 Maybe some time in the future there will be another. On the other hand maybe we’ll do something on GeekDeck…….You never know 😉

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